access control lists. See ACLs (access control lists)

access controls

data-protection sin, 254–258, 259–260

information leakage, 201

least privilege sin, 245–246

race conditions, 211

updating sins, 233, 237

accidental information leakage, 192

account lockout, against brute-force attacks, 294

ACLs (access control lists)

data-protection sins and, 254–258, 260–263

format string sins and, 114

information leakage and, 192, 202

least privilege issues, 245–246

Active Directory Group Policy, 228

Active Server Pages. See ASP (Active Server Pages)

ActiveX controls, mobile code sins, 272

ActiveX fuzzer, 272

ADDCO portable signs, 289

addition (+) operator

integer overflow sin in C/C++, 125

SQL injection sin, 12

address space randomization (ASLR), ...

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