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25 Days to Better Thinking & Better Living: A Guide for Improving Every Aspect of Your Life

Book Description

You are what you think! Take control of your thinking...and start living life to the fullest! In just 25 days, you can discover how to cut through lies, gain insight, and make smarter choices in every area of your life—from work and money to your intimate relationships. Discover how to overcome bad thinking habits caused by self-delusion or out-of-control emotions...clarify what you really want...recognize what you don’t know. Ask the right questions...resist brainwashing, manipulation, and hypocrisy...Avoid worrying, conformism, and blame!

  • 25 powerful ways to improve your thinking—and make smarter, better decisions.

  • Stop deceiving yourself: Overcome built-in self-delusion, wishful thinking, and worrying.

  • Use better thinking to make better decisions at work, at home, and throughout your life.

  • Critically evaluate what you’re told by advertisers, politicians, your boss...even your family!

  • Quick, practical, easy to use! Includes daily/weekly action plans, progress notes, and more.

  • Table of Contents

    1. Copyright
      1. Dedication
    2. Additional Books Written by Richard Paul and Linda Elder
    3. Praise for 25 Days to Better Thinking & Better Living
    4. Acknowledgments
    5. About the Authors
    6. Preface
      1. Improve Your Thinking, Improve Your Life
      2. Could Your Thinking Be Your Problem?
      3. A How-to List for Dysfunctional Living
      4. Taking Your Thinking Seriously
      5. No Intellectual Pain, No Intellectual Gain
      6. The Twenty-Five-Day Plan
      7. Expanding to a Twenty-Five-Week Plan
      8. When You Reach the Payoff Point
      9. Tips for Internalizing Each Idea
      10. Planning and Logging Your Progress
      11. A Caveat
      12. Before You Begin
    7. This Is the Day to Empathize with Others: Empathize
      1. Day One: Learn to Empathize with Others
        1. Strategies for Empathizing with Others:
    8. This Is the Day to Discover Your Ignorance: Discover Your Ignorance
      1. Day Two: Develop Knowledge of Your Ignorance
        1. Strategies for Developing Intellectual Humility:
        2. Questions You Might Ask to Identify Weaknesses in Your Thinking:
    9. This Is the Day for Integrity: Don’t Be a Hypocrite
      1. Day Three: Beware of Hypocrisy; Notice Contradictions in Your Life
        1. Strategies for Reducing Hypocrisy in Yourself:
        2. Strategies for Noticing Hypocrisy in Others:
    10. This Is the Day to Catch Yourself Being Selfish: Catch Yourself Being Selfish
      1. Day Four: Be Fair, Not Selfish
        1. Strategies for Developing as a Fair-Minded Thinker:
        2. Questions You Can Ask to Foster Fairness in Your Thinking:
    11. This Is the Day to Target Purposes: Target Purposes
      1. Day Five: Know Your Purpose
        1. Questions You Can Ask to Target Purpose:
    12. This Is the Day to Be Clear: Clarify
      1. Day Six: Clarify Your Thinking
        1. Strategies for Clarifying Your Thinking:
    13. This Is the Day to Be Relevant: Focus, Connect, Stick to the Point
      1. Day Seven: Stick to the Point
        1. Questions You Can Ask to Make Sure Your Thinking Is Focused on What Is Relevant:
    14. This Is the Day to Ask Deep Questions: Question
      1. Day Eight: Question, Question, Question
        1. Strategies for Formulating More Powerful Questions:
        2. Questions You Can Ask to Discipline Your Thinking:
    15. This Is the Day to Think Through Implications: Implications
      1. Day Nine: Think Through Implications
        1. Strategies for Thinking Through Implications:
        2. Questions You Should Ask to Target Implications:
    16. This Is the Day to Get Control of Your Emotions: Check Your Emotions
      1. Day Ten: Get Control of Your Emotions
        1. Strategies for Taking Command of Your Emotional Life:
    17. This Is the Day to Take Control of Your Desires: Check Your Desires
      1. Day Eleven: Take Control of Your Desires
        1. Strategies for Controlling Your Desires:
    18. This Is the Day to Be Reasonable: Be Reasonable
      1. Day Twelve: Be Reasonable
        1. Strategies for Becoming More Reasonable:
    19. This Is the Day to Show Mercy: Have Mercy
      1. Day Thirteen: Show Mercy
        1. Strategies for Showing Compassion and Mercy:
    20. This Is the Day to Think for Yourself: Don’t Conform
      1. Day Fourteen: Don’t Be a Conformist
        1. Strategies for Becoming an Independent Thinker:
    21. This Is the Day to Abandon Domination: Don’t Dominate
      1. Day Fifteen: Don’t Be a Top Dog
        1. Strategies for Becoming Less Dominating:
    22. This Is the Day to Be Independent: Don’t Be Subservient
      1. Day Sixteen: Don’t Be an Underdog
        1. Strategies for Avoiding Irrational Submission:
    23. This Is the Day to Stop Worrying: Stop Worrying
      1. Day Seventeen: Don’t Be a Worrywart
        1. Strategies for Relinquishing the Worrying Habit:
    24. This Is the Day to Stop Blaming Your Parents: Stop Blaming Your Parents
      1. Day Eighteen: Stop Blaming Your Parents
        1. Strategies for Taking Charge of Who You Are:
    25. This is the Day to Critique the News Media: Critique the News Media
      1. Day Nineteen: Don’t Be Brainwashed by the News Media
        1. Strategies for Seeing Through the News Media:
    26. This Is the Day to Notice the Vested Interest of Politicians: See Through Politicians
      1. Day Twenty: Don’t Be Bamboozled by Politicians
        1. Strategies for Seeing Through Politicians:
    27. This Is the Day to Be a Citizen of the World: Be a Citizen of the World
      1. Day Twenty-One: Strive to Be a Citizen of the World
        1. Strategies for Becoming a Citizen of the World:
    28. This Is the Day to Critique TV, Movies, and Ads: Critique TV Shows Critique Movies Critique Ads
      1. Day Twenty-Two: Don’t Get Your Views from TV, Ads, and Movies
        1. Strategies for Critiquing TV Shows, Ads, and Movies:
    29. This Is the Day to Contribute Something to the World: Contribute
      1. Day Twenty-Three: Do Something, Anything, to Help Make the World Better
        1. Strategies for Contributing to a More Just World:
    30. This Is the Day to Begin to Educate Yourself: Educate Yourself
      1. Day Twenty-Four: Educate Yourself
        1. Strategies for Self-Education:
    31. This Is the Day to Develop a Plan: Where to Go
      1. Day Twenty-Five: Figure Out Where to Go from Here
        1. Strategies for Taking the Next Steps Toward Development:
      2. Reading Backwards
      3. Daily Action Plan
      4. Daily Progress Notes
      5. Weekly Action Plan
      6. Weekly Progress Notes
      7. Recommended Readings to Augment the Strategies