Activity 1 1
Activity 1
How do you spend your leadership time?
To provide participants the opportunity to complete an assessment that helps
them measure how they spend their leadership time
There are many different activities that leaders must engage in on a daily basis in
order to perform their jobs. Certain jobs and situations often dictate which of
these activities is most important in relation to the others. One of the most
important skills for a leader to master is the ability to do the right things, at the
right time, in the right circumstances. Probably most leaders have never thought
about developing a self-assessment of their activities to understand how they
spend most of their time. By completing the following Leadership Activity Assess-
ment, participants can get a better idea of what they are presently spending their
time on and if this is the best use of their time.
45 minutes
Handout 1.1
1. Ask participants if they feel they make the best or most efficient use of their
workday doing leadership activities.
2. Allow participants to spend a few moments commenting on how well they feel
they use their time as leaders.
3. Explain to participants that the purpose of this activity is to help them gain a
better understanding and measure of how they actually spend their leadership
time at work.
4. Distribute a copy of Handout 1.1 to each participant.
5. Instruct participants to assign a percentage for each of the leadership activi-
ties they presently engage in during a typical workday. The total should
account for 100 percent of their time.
2 25 Legendary Leadership Activities
Activity 1 (concluded)
6. For each activity, have participants evaluate the relative value by assigning a
rating of high, medium, or low. This value rating should be based on the
activitys importance or impact on each participant’s overall job perform-
7. Ask participants to look at the percentages they assigned to each activity.
8. Ask participants the following questions:
Y “Are you spending enough time on the high value-added activities?”
Y “If not, where are you spending the majority of your time?”
Y “What would you be sacrificing if you spent less time on some of the less
important activities?”
Y “What would be your ideal balance of time you spend on each of these
Y “What can you do to better allocate the use of your time on these value-
added activities?”
9. End the activity by emphasizing the importance of effective time manage-
ment for a leader. Spending time doing the right things is one of the most
important tasks of a leader. Not only does this enable the leader to more
effectively and efficiently use his or her own leadership time, but it will also
help the leader focus those being led to spend their time more wisely as well.
Reproduced from 25 Legendary Leadership Activities,
Copyright © 2008, HRD Press, Inc., Amherst, MA, 01002, 1-800-822-2801
Handout 1.1
Leadership Activities Assessment
% of Time Activity Activity Value
Making decisions
High Medium Low
Building/Nurturing working relationships
High Medium Low
Collecting/Analyzing data
High Medium Low
Learning new skills
High Medium Low
Communications (giving or receiving information)
High Medium Low
Conflict management
High Medium Low
Adapting to change
High Medium Low
Coaching others
High Medium Low
Crisis management
High Medium Low
High Medium Low
Other (specify)
High Medium Low
Total (should = 100%)
Reprinted with permission of John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
2007 Pfeiffer Annual-Consulting Management Activities Assessment, by Peter R. Garber

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