Tapping into Marketing Miracle Makers



In the world of Internet marketing, we are often individually holed up in our homes or offices, mining the Internet for opportunities and creating our empires.

There are many ways you can become successful on the Internet, but most are the hard way, the costly way, the long way, or the mentor way. The hard way is to do it yourself. The costly way is to do it yourself. The long way is to do it yourself. Then, there is the mentor way. You will hear stories of the pioneers of the industry and how they made it, but they will no doubt tell you that it was hard, costly, and long. These are people who we need to be grateful for and to ask for help. No matter who I meet, from guru to newbie, they thank some mentor for getting them where they are, or started. I have had more than 24 mentors already, and will continue to invest until there is no higher I can reach (which really means forever). There is a big barrier that prevents many people from achieving their ultimate Internet dreams and I call it the big fat lie.


A common thread of success stories is people got help either through a partner or mentor. You have to do it yourself, but you don't have to do it alone.

Now I'm not saying you can't do it all by yourself, but you will discover that it is a lonely and difficult way to get to success. If you ...

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