Creating Your Traffic Hurricane


Chapters 1 through 5 focused on many of the free traffic and easy-to-implement link strategies, but now that you have your product, it's time to do some serious marketing.


Pay per click (PPC) is when you create an ad and pay for the ad when somebody sees it, and clicks through to check out the offer. It sounds wonderful—free advertising—but this is an art, and a game that should be entered into carefully.

Google AdWords is the biggest player in the PPC game, but Facebook ads are quickly gaining popularity because of the power to specifically target an exact market. Regardless of which you choose, you need to learn the rules and then follow them. For Facebook you need a Facebook account and then click on the flower-like symbol in the upper right corner and select Create Ad from the drop down box. For Google, your first step is to open up a Google AdWords account. This is free to do; you simply go to This link takes you to a page where you can either log in or create an account if you have not already. (If you have a Google AdWords or blogger account from earlier, you can use the same ID and password.)

Once you are ready to create an ad, you need to think of your ad in terms of four lines. This is where finely crafted, optimized keywords come into play.


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