Maximizing Your Marketing Funnel



There are tons of statistics you can track as you grow, but when you are just starting out there are only three you need to be watching.

  1. Money in. This might sound simple—all of the website and ad tracking is wonderful, but if you don't have a weekly income coming in the door, you need to address this fast. You need to focus on a sales campaign every week. If that's not bringing money in, the more outflow you have, whether e-mail or ads, the more inflow you will get. It is simple math. So no matter what you track in your business, the cash balance comes first.
  2. Google AdWords. If you have this, make sure you have used the insert tags throughout your web pages so that you can track the conversion rates. Follow these to improve by testing and tweaking. If you don't have AdWords activated, track the website conversion of visitors to opt-ins from web stats.
  3. Page hit stats and bounce rates. You can activate Google Analytics within your Google account, add the code to your web page, and then in one location within Google you can track critical pages of your different domains or campaigns, and you will get a report.

There are a few methods to monitor web and e-mail activity. They all serve a different purpose, and some provide overview while others give you the detail you may need. Take a look below at some of your ...

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