Several of the models that appear in this book were created by other people. e three
characters in the cabana scene were made from base characters bought from Daz3D. Some
of the other smaller items in the scene, in particular the potted plants, chairs, table, and
palm trees, are from Daz3D as well, as are a few of the textures used in the scene. Hiro, the
character I covered in a pink material, is also a Daz3D character.
e terrain in the canyon scene was made by D&D Creations. I enjoy shopping on their
site. eir work is awesome.
e photographer who shot the evergreen bush texture image is Tyler Olson. e pho-
tographer who shot the cactus texture image is Jens Ickler.
e cactus photograph was taken by my daughter Martina. e unit circle technique
for teaching trigonometric functions was taught to me by my daughter Isabelle; she clearly
went to a better high school than I did. My wife, Wendy, spent an enormous amount of
time editing the manuscript. She also created the texture shown in Figures 9.15 and 9.16.
Faculty members always thank their students, and in this case it is quite sincere. I teach
classes that are a mix of computing and ne arts students. My students are always fun to
teach—and they have taught me a lot.
Sarah Chow, my editor, has been extremely patient with me and has been very respon-
sive to my concerns and questions.
Autodesk freely hands out a student version of Maya and does not hobble it in any
fashion. My university has had a many-seat lab and classroom license of Maya for several
years. But it’s very nice that my students can install a full version on their home machines
and therefore do not have to camp out in the computer lab. I do, however, fully respect
Autodesks intellectual property rights. I personally own a commercial license, although
some of the gures in this book were created with the student version of Maya. Given that
Maya is the general-purpose animation application of choice all around the world, its com-
mercial license fee is surprisingly low.
Finally, feel free to e-mail me at: buzz@3DbyBuzz.com.

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