Creating Spheres

Balls are called spheres in geometry and in 3D programming. There are two ways to control spheres in JavaScript.

Size: SphereGeometry(100)

The first way that we can control a sphere is to describe how big it is. When we said new THREE.SphereGeometry(100), we created a ball whose radius was 100. What happens when you change the radius to 250?

»​var​ shape = ​new​ THREE.SphereGeometry(250);
​ ​var​ cover = ​new​ THREE.MeshNormalMaterial(flat);
​ ​var​ ball = ​new​ THREE.Mesh(shape, cover);
​ scene.add(ball);

This should make it much bigger:


What happens if you change the 250 to 10? As you probably guessed, ...

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