Pushing and Pulling Shapes

In 3D programming, shapes are much easier to change than you might guess. As far back as Chapter 1, ​Project: Creating Simple Shapes​, we’ve known how to change a shape’s size, chunkiness, and rotation. It turns out that we can do even more. Lots more.

To see this, add a call to addGround() below the START CODING line. Then define the addGround() function as shown:

​ ​var​ ground = addGround();
​ ​function​ addGround() {
​  ​var​ faces = 99;
​  ​var​ shape = ​new​ THREE.PlaneGeometry(10, 20, faces, faces);
​  ​var​ _cover = ​new​ THREE.MeshPhongMaterial({color: ​'green'​, shininess: 0});
​  ​var​ cover = Physijs.createMaterial(_cover, 0.8, 0.1);

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