Note to index: due to the high number of illustrations and figures in this book, wherever possible, the individual figures are indexed only under the main entry pertaining to this topic and not under related subentries. Illustrated material is listed in italics with the page number followed by the figure number.

3D cloth printing see digital textiles

3D fabbing see printing

3D fabrication see printing

3D Matter 149 f6.14

3D model repositories 559

3D modeling programs 75, 7885; beginning modeling 78 f4.2a, f4.2b, 79 f4.3, f4.4, 80 f4.5, f4.6a, f4.6b, 81 f4.7; Boolean operations 85; parametric design 85, 85 f4.11; polygonal modeling 84, 84 f4.10; sculpting modeling 83, 84 f4.9; solid modeling 83, 83 f4.8; vector-graphic design programs ...

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