Chapter 5

Identifying Sources for 3D-Printable Objects


check Getting to know object repositories

check Building designs

check Creating scans of objects

check Working with photogrammetry

check Getting ready to print

3D printers are becoming commonplace in businesses, schools, libraries, and homes. Online services such as Shapeways, Ponoko, and iMaterialise can transform 3D models into solid form even if you lack a printer of your own. A model can be shared with people around the world as easily as a song in MP3 format or a photograph on a photo-sharing site. This chapter reviews several ways to create 3D models suitable for printing or sharing.

warning Keep in mind, however, that not all object designs are intended to be captured, shared, or otherwise produced without the designer’s permission. Before you create an object or sell a design of your own, make sure that it truly is yours to use. Chapter 11 ...

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