Chapter 9

Exploring 3D-Printed Artwork


Bullet Creating clothing and accessories

Bullet Crafting customized equipment

Bullet Expressing individualism in design

Bullet Bringing the abstract to life

Additive manufacturing offers many new techniques for creating interlocking components or objects with complex interior structures, and it’s no surprise that creative minds find the printed objects attractive. These techniques allow artists to create designs or structures too complicated to be created through traditional means.

This chapter provides a window into some artistic creations made possible through 3D printing — from personal designs a few centimeters long to multistory sculptures for outdoor display. The artists discussed in this chapter graciously allowed me to include illustrations of their designs, and many have shared them for download by others. Where possible, I indicate the sources so that you can try some of these works on your 3D printer, or maybe you’ll be inspired to create some 3D-printed art yourself.

Adorning the Body

Among the first types of 3D-printed adornment are personalized ...

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