Chapter 11

Deciding on a 3D Printer of Your Own


Bullet Evaluating your needs

Bullet Running a 3D print farm

Bullet Selecting a design

Bullet Choosing print materials

Bullet Identifying key components and software

Deciding what type, what size, and how much to spend on a 3D printer can be quite a confusing process. In this section I'll help you evaluate what's important for you in a desktop 3D printer so you can determine whether desktops either a) can deliver what you want or b) are not able to provide what a professional 3D-printing service could produce. If you decide that there is a suitable desktop option for your own 3D printer, I'll fill you in on what you'll need to be aware of and what materials and software will assist you with getting set up for desktop 3D printing.

Remember You might have noticed that I've mentioned RepRap a number of times in this book. I do so because RepRap is truly a wonderful ...

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