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3D Printing with Autodesk 123D, Tinkercad, and MakerBot

Book Description

Master the art of 3D printing with step-by-step tutorials and DIY projects

Are you ready to join the new industrial revolution?3D Printing with Autodesk 123D, Tinkercad, and MakerBot reveals how to turn your ideas into physical products that you can use or sell! You'll learn how to operate powerful, free software from Autodesk and bring your creations to life with the MakerBot--a leading consumer printer--or an online service bureau.

Practical examples take you through the Design, Catch, Meshmixer, Tinkercad, Make, and CNC Utility apps, and the MakerBot Desktop. Fun projects, easy-to-follow instructions, and clear screenshots progress from installing the software to printing the design. Videos and digital files accompany this hands-on guide.

  • Make your own creations with Design and Tinkercad
  • Download editable, premade content
  • Generate construction documents with the LayOut feature
  • Create and edit a reality capture model with Catch
  • Edit and mash up .stl files with Meshmixer
  • Navigate the MakerBot Desktop
  • Print the model on your own machine or with a service bureau

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. About the Author
  6. Contents
  7. Preface
  8. Resources to Check Out
  9. 1 Hello, Maker!
    1. What Is Making?
    2. So What’s This Book About?
    3. Sites to Check Out
  10. 2 Getting Started with 123D Design
    1. Open 123D Design Desktop
    2. Summary
  11. 3 Model It! 123D Design Projects
    1. Studded Bangle Bracelet Project
    2. Sun Sculpture Wall Decoration Project
    3. Star Cookie Cutter Project
    4. Jell-O Mold Tray Project
    5. Peace Sign Pendant Project
    6. Personalized Business Card Project
    7. Pinky Project
    8. Frog in a Tea Cup Project
    9. Summary
    10. Sites to Check Out
  12. 4 Generate Construction Documents with LayOut
    1. What Is AutoCAD 360?
    2. Getting Started with LayOut
    3. Summary
    4. Sites to Check Out
  13. 5 Capture It! with 123D Catch
    1. What Is 123D Catch?
    2. Catch on the iPhone/iPad
    3. The Catch Web App
    4. The Catch Desktop App
    5. Tips on Photographing a Subject
    6. Summary
    7. Sites to Check Out
  14. 6 Mix It Up! with 123D Meshmixer
    1. The Meshmixer Interface
    2. Import a Textured Donut Model
    3. Import the Glass Head Capture to Make a Candy Jug
    4. Model a Bead
    5. Modify a 123D Design Pac-Man Model with Volume Brushes
    6. Duplicate and Modify Pinky
    7. Summary
    8. Sites to Check Out
  15. 7 For the Kids! Tinkercad
    1. The Tinkercad Interface
    2. Tinker Basics: Drag, Delete, Select, Move, and Save
    3. Tinker a Building Block
    4. Tinker a Stamp with the Align and Mirror Tools
    5. Tinker a Ring with an Imported SVG File
    6. Tinker Other People’s Models
    7. Tinkercad as an STL File Repairer
    8. Shape Generators
    9. Summary
    10. Sites to Check Out
  16. 8 Cut It! with 123D Make and the CNC Utility
    1. Getting a Make-Importable File
    2. The 123D Make Interface
    3. The CNC Utility
    4. Download an STL File of Your CNC Project
    5. Summary
    6. Sites to Check Out
  17. 9 Print It! with 123D Meshmixer and MakerBot
    1. General 3D Printing Information
    2. Overhangs, Supports, Rafts, and Bridges
    3. The MakerBot
    4. MakerBot Software and Firmware
    5. Filament
    6. Export an STL File from the 123D Apps
    7. You Need a Printable File
    8. Design Considerations
    9. Meshmixer’s Two Areas: Modify and Print
    10. Import the Glass Head
    11. Analyze the Glass Head
    12. The Meshmixer Print Area Interface
    13. Regenerate the Lost Supports
    14. Export the File as a THING
    15. The MakerBot Desktop Interface
    16. The Settings Menu
    17. Preview and Print from the Computer
    18. Finding Help
    19. Printing with a Service Bureau
    20. Summary
    21. Sites to Check Out
  18. Index