The Scale Transform

The ScaleTransform3D makes a figure larger or smaller by multiplying its X, Y, and Z coordinates by properties named ScaleX, ScaleY, and ScaleZ, all of which have default values of 1. Here's how the ScaleTransform3D might appear in markup to transform a GeometryModel3D:

        <ScaleTransform3D ScaleX="3" ScaleY="1" ScaleZ="2" />

The figure is effectively widened by a factor of 3 and doubled in size along the Z axis. The ScaleY attribute set the value to its default and can be removed. The scale transform formulas are:

x' = ScaleX * x

y' = ScaleY * y

z' = ScaleZ * z

The ScaleTransformExperimenter.xaml program (not shown here because it's quite ...

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