Chapter 8. Quaternions

In this chapter:

"The Convenience of Complex Numbers" 338

Hamilton and Quaternions 344

Why Are Quaternions So Weird? 347

The Quaternion Structure 348

Quaternions and Rotation 352

Low-Level Quaternion Rotation 356

Quaternions and Rotation Matrices 359

SLERP and Animation 361

Rotation is one of the most common tasks of 3D graphics programming, and yet also the task fraught with the scariest mathematics. Fortunately, the programmer working with WPF 3D is insulated from much of the difficult mathematics with the convenience of the RotateTransform3D and AxisAngleRotation3D classes, which I first discussed in Chapter 3. When used in conjunction, these two classes let you define a rotation by specifying the axis of rotation, an angle of ...

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