Chapter 8

3D Scene Reconstruction and Structuring

8.1. Problems and challenges

The cinema and video games industries increasingly combine real images with computer-generated images. Today, there is a tendency to mix these techniques at the point of recording so that producers can use a three-dimensional (3D) result to judge whether a scene will appear in the final production and to guide actors, as well allowing the results of filming to be directly inserted into a traditional computer graphics production chain.

To satisfy this growing demand in the image industry, a large body of research has focused on multiview reconstruction. The approaches proposed until now can be split into two families of methods:

– “Model-free methods” that can be distinguished by the fact that no prior knowledge (relating to the nature and number of objects, characters’ morphologies) is given to the system. The silhouette-based reconstruction technique belongs to this family. Due to their general nature, these techniques generate results without any temporal coherence. Indeed, a reconstruction is calculated for each “frame” independently of others.

– “Model-based methods” use a reference geometric description (for example triangular mesh) of the object to be reconstructed. This prior knowledge can be manually constructed or obtained using an acquisition system (for example a 3D scanner). Reconstruction involves evolving the reference form in relation to data taken from multiview capture (silhouettes, ...

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