Chapter 8. Cloning Objects and Creating Object Arrays


  • Cloning objects

  • Understanding copies, instances, and references

  • Using the Mirror and Snapshot tools

  • Spacing clones along a path with the Spacing tool

  • Using the Clone and Align tool

  • Creating object arrays

  • Using the Ring Array system

The only thing better than one perfect object is two perfect objects. Cloning objects is the process of creating copies of objects. These copies can maintain an internal connection (called an instance or a reference) to the original object that allows them to be modified along with the original object. For example, if you create a school desk and clone it multiple times as an instance to fill a room, then changing the parameter of one of the desks automatically changes it for all the other desks also.

An array is a discrete set of regularly ordered objects. So creating an array of objects involves cloning several copies of an object in a pattern, such as in rows and columns or in a circle.

I'm sure you have the concept for that perfect object in your little bag of tricks, and this chapter lets you copy it over and over after you get it out.

Cloning Objects

You can clone objects in Max in a couple of ways (and cloning luckily has nothing to do with DNA or gene splices). One method is to use the Edit

Cloning Objects

Using the Clone command

You can create a duplicate object by choosing the Edit


The Edit menu ...

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