Appendix A. What's New with 3ds Max 2010

With each revision of Max, I'm always amazed at the new features that are included. Max is a large and complex piece of software, and just about the time that I think it can't hold anything more, a new revision with a host of new features appears. Max 2010 is no different.

You can find in-depth coverage of the new features in the various chapters, but this appendix provides a quick overview of these new features along with references on where to learn more about them. Throughout the book, the New Feature icon identifies the features that are new to 3ds Max 2010.


If Max needs some improvements that haven't made it into the latest release, you can join Autodesk's Customer Involvement Program using the Help


Major Improvements

3ds Max 2010 includes lots of new improvements. Some are considered major because they likely will affect every user's workflow, and others are minor because they are smaller in scale. However, an improvement listed as minor may be the one you've been waiting for.


Within the Introduction section of the Max Help file is a What's New in 3ds Max 2010 page. You also can access the What's New link in the Help menu.

Interface changes

The most apparent changes in 3ds Max 2010 involve the redesigned interface. This includes changes ...

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