Chapter 50. Automating with MAXScript

The Max designers went to great lengths to make sure that you are limited only by your imagination in terms of what you can do in Max. They've packed in so many different features and so many different ways to use those features that you could use Max for years and still learn new ways of doing things.

Despite Max's wide range of capabilities, there may come a time when you wish for a new Max feature. With MAXScript, you can actually extend Max to meet your needs, customize it to work the way you want, and even have it do some of the more monotonous tasks for you.

What Is MAXScript?

In this chapter, you'll look at MAXScript—what it's for and why in the world you would ever want to use it. But before getting into the nitty-gritty details, I'll start with a brief overview.

Simply put, MAXScript is a tool that you can use to expand the functionality of Max. You can use it to add new features or to customize how Max behaves, so that it's tailored to your needs and style. You can also use MAXScript as a sort of VCR; it can record your actions so you can play them back later, eliminating repetitive ...

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