Chapter BC2. 3ds Max 2010 Keyboard Shortcuts

The key to working efficiently with Max is learning the keyboard shortcuts. If you know the keyboard shortcuts, you don't need to spend time moving the mouse cursor all around the interface; you can simply press a keyboard shortcut and get instant access to commands and tools.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Most of the major dialog boxes, such as the Material Editor and the Track View, have their own set of keyboard shortcuts. When the Keyboard Shortcut Override toggle button on the main toolbar is enabled, keyboard shortcuts work for both the main interface and the separate dialog boxes. If there is a conflict, the dialog box's shortcut takes precedence.

For example, in the main Max window, the A key toggles the Angle Snap feature on and off, but in the Track View–Curve Editor window, the A key enables Add Keys mode. If the Curve Editor is open and the Keyboard Shortcut Override toggle is enabled, then the Add Keys mode is enabled. If the Keyboard Shortcut Override toggle is off, then the Angle Snap is activated.

If you want to change any of the keyboard shortcuts, the Customize User Interface dialog box includes a Keyboard panel for making changes. You can open this dialog box using the Customize


Chapter 4, "Customizing the Max Interface and Setting Preferences," offers more details ...

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