Exploring the Max Interface


Learning the interface elements

Previewing the menu commands

Becoming familiar with the toolbars

Using the Command Panel

Examining the Lower Interface Bar

Interacting with the interface

Getting help

Well, here we are again with a new version of Max, and the first question on the minds of existing users is, “Did the interface change?” The answer is a happy “very little.” Most serious users would rather go through root canal surgery than have their user interface (UI) change, and Autodesk has learned and respected this valued opinion by keeping the interface changes to a minimum.

As you look around the new interface, you'll see that everything is still there, but that Max has a few new additions. You may find yourself saying, as you navigate the interface, “Where did that come from?” But, just like encountering a new house in your neighborhood, over time you'll become accustomed to the addition and may even meet some new friends.

Why is the software interface so important? Well, consider this: The interface is the set of controls that enable you to access the program's features. Without a good interface, you may never use many of the best features of the software or may spend a frustrating bit of time locating those features. A piece of software can have all the greatest features, but if the user can't find or access them, then the software won't be used to its full potential. Max is a powerful piece of software with some amazing ...

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