47 Things You Need to Know About Your Canon EOS Rebel T6

Book description

If you’re a passionate photographer and eager to deploy all the creative options built into your Canon EOS Rebel T6, these 47 picture-taking principles are exactly what you need to take your work to the next level. With friendly mentor David Busch as your guide, you’ll quickly learn nearly four dozen easy, useful techniques for getting the most from your camera. You’ll learn:

• How to Take Great Portraits with Your Rebel • Three Ways to Conquer Low Light • Secrets of Dynamic Action Shots • Key Principles for Beautiful Landscape Photographs 47 Things to Know About Your Canon EOS Rebel T6: David Busch's Guide to Taking Better Pictures teaches you how to shoot great images while mastering tools that let you freeze action (or add creative blur); use focus to place the center of attention on your subject; or add an artistic look using the T6’s built-in Creative Filters and Picture Styles. In this book, which is divided into 8 chapters that include 47 lessons, photo guru David Busch teaches you exactly how to apply your camera’s features imaginatively in a variety of situations. Written in the author’s friendly and approachable style, and illustrated with examples that clearly show how each technique can help your photography, 47 Things to Know About Your Canon EOS Rebel T6: David Busch's Guide to Taking Better Pictures is designed to be an effective, fast, and fun way to learn how to use your camera, and use it well. Read an entire chapter, or browse topics that catch your eye one at a time, you quickly learn how to create amazing images with your Rebel.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Introduction
  7. Contents
  8. Chapter 1 Hit the Ground Running
    1. 1. Taking Your Best (First) Shot
    2. 2. Quick Tour of Your Rebel T6
    3. 3. Mastering the Key Controls and Components
  9. Chapter 2 Getting Creative with Easy Adjustments
    1. 4. How to Shoot Exciting Continuous Bursts
    2. 5. Put Yourself in the Picture!
    3. 6. What’s on the Menu?
    4. 7. Easy Basic Flash Techniques
    5. 8. The Fastest Ways to Share Your Photos
    6. 9. Hardcopies Aren’t Hard!
  10. Chapter 3 Ten Steps to Getting Great Pictures
    1. 10. Making Everything Sharp . . .
    2. 11. . . . Or Focusing Attention on Your Subject
    3. 12. Three Keys to Exciting Action-Freezing Shots
    4. 13. Adding Dynamic Motion Effects
    5. 14. Eight Simple Rules for Composing Beautiful Landscapes
    6. 15. Shooting Dramatic Silhouettes
    7. 16. Connecting Wirelessly
    8. 17. Pixel Perfection with Super-Smart Scene Modes
    9. 18. Taking Control with Shooting Modes
    10. 19. Your Best Basic Settings for the Most Common Subjects
  11. Chapter 4 Eight Ways to Make Great Shots Better
    1. 20. Get Stunning Close-ups Without Fuss
    2. 21. Three Paths to Perfect Exposure
    3. 22. Fine-Tuning Your Shots with Bracketing
    4. 23. Three Techniques for Conquering Low Light
    5. 24. Six Different Looks with T6 Styles
    6. 25. Waxing Artistic with Creative Filters
    7. 26. Three Routes to More Colorful Images
    8. 27. Get High—or Low
  12. Chapter 5 Seven Great Creative Outlets
    1. 28. Preserve Treasured Travel Memories
    2. 29. Capture the Excitement of Concerts and Performances
    3. 30. Celebrating Memorable Events and Festivities
    4. 31. Easy Techniques for Endearing Photos of Kids
    5. 32. Mastering Your T6’s Built-in Flash
    6. 33. Twelve Simple Rules for Group Shots
    7. 34. Storytelling with Slideshows
  13. Chapter 6 Capturing Movies and Live View
    1. 35. Taking the Live View
    2. 36. Three Ways to Focus in Live View and Movies
    3. 37. Preview Your Results with Final Image (Exposure) Simulation
    4. 38. Shooting Movies
    5. 39. Capturing Better Video and Sound
    6. 40. Edit Movies in Your Camera
    7. 41. Create a Mini-Movie with Video Snapshots
  14. Chapter 7 Best Accessories for the Canon EOS Rebel T6
    1. 42. Change Your Perspective with Lenses!
    2. 43. Eight Best Lenses for Creative Photography
    3. 44. Killer Accessories
    4. 45. Ready, Steady, with Your Tripod
  15. Chapter 8 Troubleshooting Your Rebel T6
    1. 46. Your Sensor’s Dirty Secret
    2. 47. Resurrecting Dead Cards

Product information

  • Title: 47 Things You Need to Know About Your Canon EOS Rebel T6
  • Author(s): David Busch
  • Release date: September 2018
  • Publisher(s): Rocky Nook
  • ISBN: 9781681984384