BOURRIÈRES Jean-Paul, PINÈDE Nathalie, TRAORÉ Mamadou Kaba, ZACHAREWICZ GrégoryFrom Logistic Networks to Social Networks: Similarities, Specificities, Modeling, Evaluation

DEMOLY Frédéric, ANDRÉ Jean-Claude4D Printing 1: Between Disruptive Research and Industrial Applications

HAJJI Rafika, JARAR OULIDI HassaneBuilding Information Modeling for a Smart and Sustainable Urban Space

KROB DanielModel-based Systems Architecting: Using CESAM to Architect ComplexSystems (Volume 3 - Systemes of Systems Complexity Set)

LOUIS GillesDynamics of Aircraft Flight


BRON Jean-YvesSystem Requirements Engineering

KRYSINSKI TOMASZ, MALBURET FRANÇOISEnergy and Motorization in the Automotive and Aeronautics Industries

PRINTZ JacquesSystem Architecture and Complexity: Contribution of Systems of Systems to Systems Thinking


ANDRÉ Jean-ClaudeIndustry 4.0: Paradoxes and Conflicts

BENSALAH Mounir, ELOUADI Abdelmajid, MHARZI HassanRailway Information Modeling RIM: The Track to Rail Modernization

BLUA Philippe, YALAOU Farouk, AMODEO Lionel, DE BLOCK Michaël, LAPLANCHE DavidHospital Logistics and e-Management: Digital Transition and Revolution

BRIFFAUT Jean-PierreFrom Complexity in the Natural Sciences to Complexity in Operations Management Systems(Systems of Systems Complexity Set – Volume 1)

BUDINGER Marc, HAZYUK Ion, COÏC ClémentMulti-Physics Modeling of Technological Systems

FLAUS Jean-Marie ...

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