Chapter 3

OFDM Transmission


The details of OFDM, the transmission scheme used in LTE, are described in this chapter. Basic aspects related to OFDM transmission, such as cyclic prefix insertion, FFT-based implementations, single-frequency-network operation, and selection of OFDM parameters are discussed.


OFDM; cyclic prefix; FFT; subcarrier; single-frequency network

In this chapter, a more detailed overview of OFDM or Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing will be given. OFDM is the transmission scheme used for 3GPP LTE and is also used for several other radio-access technologies, for example WiMAX [14] and the DVB broadcast technologies [15].

3.1 Basic principles of OFDM

Transmission by means of OFDM can be seen as a kind ...

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