72nd Gear—Connecting Deeply

When was the last time that you truly connected with someone in a meaningful way? How did that experience make you feel? When was the last time you went deep with someone and left the meeting fully recharged?

This is what 2nd gear is truly about—the ability to shift into connect mode and become present with someone in your life who brings you joy. Whether work colleagues, family, or friends, it is time geared toward relationship building without an agenda or pressure to be productive.

We asked the leaders we work with in organizations of all shapes and sizes to describe what 2nd gear looks like, and here is their list:

  • “Spending time with my son. Doing things that he and I love to do.”
  • “Going to lunch with a co-worker who understands me and allows me to vent.”
  • “Being with our kids and playing games without cell phones or TV.”
  • “Taking my wife out on a date. Spending time just being together.”
  • “Stopping by my employee's desk and checking in—spending more time than I normally would.”
  • “Being with my father, who is sick, and not nagging, but instead connecting.”
  • “Making a fire pit and trading funny stories with my family.”
  • “Getting quality time with my key leaders. Listening and then challenging them as they become better leaders.”

What are your 2nd gear opportunities? Take some time to write them down. Now, make a list of all the people in your life and the moments where 2nd gear could take place. Are you spending purposeful time here, or are you skipping ...

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