14Making the U-Turn—Challenge and Plan

At this point, you have reached that stage where you have all the information and can begin practicing the gears, at least in your mind. Now is the time to begin to work on the U-turn and to make the changes that actually bring new levels of influence and respect. It's time for you to experience the benefits of being present and connected.

If you are willing to accept the challenge of retooling your gears, practicing and implementing them into your life, then you will experience a deeper level of fulfillment that is rarely talked about in most leadership books or conversations. We call this applied leadership learning. And yet, before you can experience this, you need to challenge yourself.

Your Personal Challenge

This exercise will require you to have some time and a journal or piece of paper to create the makings of a leadership plan. This challenge has the potential to free you from the things you don't like and create a sense of peace in your leadership, relationships, and life. I encourage you to make this challenge personal and respond accordingly.

  1. What does it look like to be on the other side of you? Are you willing to be honest? Are you willing to hear honest feedback? Ask two to three trusted people in your life and work what it is like for them to be on the other side of your leadership. Don't be defensive, but write their words down and let them soak in. Some of the words could be painful, maybe frustrating. Don't respond negatively, ...

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