“You're here, but you're really not here. You are with me, but you're somewhere far away.” Have you ever heard those words before? Or possibly spoken them to someone else?

Every day, millions of people are negatively impacted by the inability of a person to connect appropriately and to be present. Social miscues, the lack of emotional intelligence, and busyness stifle the growth of people and the progress of organizations.

Additionally, millions of people suffer the consequences of divorce or abuse because people close to them have never learned how to properly connect with one another.

Whether from a boss or a co-worker or a family member, people put up with far too much drama because one person doesn't understand how to shift gears and become present.

Being present is an art form. People can actually learn how to connect well. While some people are naturally good at it, others struggle mightily. Yet those who practice can become masters at being in the right gear at the right time. These are people who know themselves and lead themselves and benefit from the influence and respect that follows.

We are tired of seeing people run over others, tired of dads and moms not being present with their children. We consistently see the disconnections of bosses from those they lead and the lack of awareness that comes from busy adults married to their tasks and missing the point and their lives.

These behaviors are precisely why we have written this book. The world is going ...

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