Chapter 25 Percent More about 5 Percent More

As I mentioned above, I sold cars right after I graduated college and before I was accepted into law school. I certainly learned a lot on the car lot. There was a tall, skinny, somewhat awkward yet enthusiastic salesperson named Brian there whom I will never forget. He was one of the most upbeat, happy, and vibrant individuals I had ever met: Always excited, and he loved what he did. He taught me so many things, not only about selling cars but about how to approach life. He was also on top of the sales leaderboard month after month, and he always gave just a little more effort every day.

One day, he sold five cars. Even for some of the largest dealerships in the country, five in one day is a lot of cars. It was getting late, just before closing on a hot summer night. Brian had already sold those five cars and he saw a customer out on the lot. He jumped from his desk and headed out to greet the customer. But just before he did, I asked him why. I said, “Brian, you have already sold five cars.” He told me something amazing. He said, “Mike, every day I tell myself I want to just sell one car, then once I sell that car, I tell myself I want to sell just one more, until it is time to go home.” Every day, Brian took himself just a little bit further and achieved above-average results. You see, he was working until closing anyway, so why just put the effort in? Why not do just a little bit more? Oh, I bet you are wondering what happened ...

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