Chapter 16Less Is More

When you look at super successful people, many of them do way more than 5 Percent More than others. These are the people who achieve success that for most is incomprehensible. Wait . . . stop the clock (a phrase coined by Ronnie Mund). Did I just say you can't be the next Steve Jobs? You can't become the next Mark Zuckerberg? No, I said most people can't even begin to see themselves at that level. Reading this book means to me that you want more; you want to be in a position of financial freedom, you want to effectuate change, you want more. I'm just telling you that if you jump in and take what some would call massive action, more times than not you will burn out. Life isn't a sprint. It is a marathon.

Massive and Immediate Action Doesn't Work

I have a guy who works for me in sales. He is one of those guys who is naturally gifted and has the skills that are just part of his DNA. However, he's not my best guy; in fact, in many months he is in the middle to lower half of performance. Every couple of months I give him a pep talk, and his numbers shoot up for a couple weeks. The challenge is, he burns out. He jumps from being an average sales performer to the top performer and burns out. Why is that? Well, I will tell you. Most people are like him. They can go strong for a short period of time but can't maintain. A lot has to do with your brain, as I mentioned in the last chapter.

You see, your brain is like the most amazing computer ever built and it will ...

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