10Knowing Your Rules of Engagement

By now, you have hopefully discovered your voice and begun to understand the positives and negatives that your voice brings to your team and your family. Our goal thus far has been to get you to a point of self-awareness that would cause you to look in the mirror and make appropriate adjustments. Once personal alignment to who you really are occurs, then you are ready to begin aligning the voices on your team or family.

If you can create common vocabulary and language where everyone knows his or her voice, it becomes an amazing accelerator for creating harmony and productivity. At GiANT we work with clients in both big and small organizations who know each team member's self-selected voice order. This allows the team leader to understand who they have on the team, how to set them up for success, and how to help them feel valued while communicating more precisely. Equipped with the 5 Voices language, the leader is able to ask, “How do I create the environment that allows each person on my team to bring his or her best?”

Every single voice brings a unique and essential strength to the team. If you remember back to our 5 Voices visual, each voice is equally important to the group dynamic, yet on most teams certain voices tend to dominate the airwaves and limit the opportunity to create a strong, completely aligned environment. Natalyia Higbie from Albuquerque, New Mexico, shares her insights into this very dynamic of valuing each other's voice: ...

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