Robin Hood—An
Empowerment Activity
1. To help team members identify those things they can do to help
them be more effective.
2. To make the group aware of the concept of work team self-
3. To assist the leader in empowering their team.
A maximum of 8 members of an intact team.
2 hours
A room large enough for the team to be comfortable and wall space
for posting flipchart pages. Chairs can be arranged in a circle or a
table and chairs can be arranged in seminar style.
Easel, flipcharts, markers, and tape or push pins.
1. The team leader begins by telling the group of his or her
commitment to empowering the team and introduces the
facilitator. The team leader then leaves the group.
2. The facilitator gives a brief lecturette on the notion of empowering
work teams so that they can be more effective in their tasks.
3. The facilitator then asks the team members to generate a list of
ways they can be involved in the decision making process of the
4. The team clarifies the list and narrows the list to the top three
actions they would like to see taken.
5. The team then prepares an action plan for the top three actions.
6. The team leader returns and the group presents their work and
negotiates the action plans with the team leader.
7. The facilitator summarizes and processes the meeting. The team
leader sets a date and time for a follow-up review.
50 Activities for Team Building
Robin Hood—An Empowerment Activity
1. The team leader can stay for the entire meeting.
2. If the team has difficulty determining the three action items, they
can vote on the list. One way to “vote” is to give each team
member ten votes that can be distributed among the items on the
list. In other words, they can give one item all ten votes or give
one vote to ten different items.

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