But I Thought!
1. To clarify expectations and conceptions of team members.
2. To renegotiate roles within/among a work team.
3. To create awareness of the need for personal contracting.
A minimum of 12 members of an intact team.
2 hours
A large room with wall space for posting flipchart pages; chairs in a
circle or around a conference table.
1. Easel, flipchart, markers and tape or push pins.
2. Personal pads for all team members.
1. The team leader or facilitator gives a brief presentation on the four
characteristics of role as defined by Gordon Allport:
Role Expectations What others expect of us
Role Conception What you see your role to be
Role Acceptance How we accept our role
Role Behavior How we actually behave
2. The facilitator asks each member to work privately and evaluate
the other members (including themselves) on the four elements
(30 minutes).
3. The facilitator then asks the members to pair off randomly and
share their work with each team member. This activity should
continue until each team member has had a one-on-one meeting
with every other team member.
4. The facilitator gives a brief presentation on personal contracting
and asks each team member to make a new contract with each
team member.
5. The team concludes the activity by setting a time and date to
review progress.
50 Activities for Team Building
Really… But I Thought!
1. Step 2 can be done as a pre-assignment.
2. The private negotiating sessions can be done in a group forum.

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