1. To explore the dynamics of status, power and information in
decision making.
2. To explore the impact of inter-team perceptions on team
3. To assess contributions to overall team effectiveness.
Unlimited (in non-intact teams) number of teams can be formed of 5 to
7 members.
2 to 3 hours
Chairs arranged in a circle or a round or rectangular table with chairs
for each team. Room should be large enough for each team to have a
private discussion.
1. One copy of Project “OP” Information Sheet for each participant.
2. Flipchart, markers, tape or push pins for each team.
1. The facilitator begins by giving a short talk on the dynamics of
status, power and information as they relate to decision making.
2. A general discussion is held regarding the impact that perception
has on team effectiveness.
3. Groups are formed and given the Instruction Sheet. The team
members are given a few minutes to acquaint themselves with the
material and then begin the activity.
4. After 90 minutes, the facilitator concludes the session and
reconvenes the large group.
5. Each group presents a summary of their work as follows:
a) Describe how you began.
b) Discuss how information was used to influence the decision
making process.
50 Activities for Team Building
Project “OP”
c) Discuss the general tenor of your session.
d) Discuss the final result.
6. The session is concluded by the facilitator with a general
discussion of power and influence in teams and how to manage it.
50 Activities for Team Building
Project “OP” Information Sheet
The Problem:
How are the limited number of work days to be distributed among the team members?
The Background:
You are all employed by DGI, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in outplacement and
job development services.
A project called “OP” has been awarded to DGI and, in turn, to your group. Your
total group is comprised of 20 consultants, all of whom work as independents (i.e., you
get paid daily rates only when you actually perform services).
Some members of your team have worked for DGI before and may have access to
scheduling assignment data from other projects.
The Team Task
The purpose of this meeting of 5 to 7 team members is to determine an equitable way to
divide the days available for Project “OP” among the total group of 20, as well as the
bonus money that will be available if the project goes well.
The exact number of days of work available is not yet determined but is rumored to
be about the same as in past projects.
Your group task is to find an equitable system for dividing the number of days
available for the project among all members of the team.

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