Creating a
Team Mission
1. To develop a shared view of a team’s products or services.
2. To develop a shared view of a team’s customers.
3. To create a team mission statement.
4. To train participants in preparing a mission statement.
Works best with an intact team of 4 to 8 people. In a team training
workshop, the exercise can be done with up to 15 people.
60 minutes
Table and chairs arranged in a U-shape.
1. Easel, flipchart, markers, tape or push pins.
2. Creating a Team Mission for each person.
3. Evaluating a Team Mission for each person.
1. Explain the purpose of the activity.
2. Lecture on the content of a mission statement. A mission
statement describes a team’s main products or services and its
customers. It answers the questions:
What do you do?
For whom do you do it?
A mission statement can also reveal something about a team’s
values, its unique talents, or type of technology.
3. Write the name of the team on a flipchart. Ask the group to
brainstorm words and phrases that describe the team.
4. Record the responses in an unorganized fashion on the flipchart.
Do not simply create a vertical list.
50 Activities for Team Building
Creating a Team Mission
5. Ask each person to use the handout Creating a Team Mission
and write one or two sentences that describe the team’s products
or services and their customers. They should use the
“brainstormed” list for ideas, but they should not be restricted to
those words and phrases.
6. Ask one person to present the team’s statement. Write the
statement on the flipchart.
7. Ask the team to clarify, discuss and edit the statement until they
get close to a consensus on the words. Do not try to produce a
final product.
8. Using the handout Evaluating a Team Mission, ask the team to
assess their statement against the criteria.
9. Conclude the session by saying that the draft statement will be
typed and distributed to the team after the session.
10. At the next meeting they will discuss it again and reach a
consensus on the final version of the statement.
1. Review the handout Evaluating a Team Mission prior to drafting
the mission statement.
2. Ask a subcommittee to edit the draft after the session and bring it
to the next team meeting.
3. A companion activity is Activity 30, Visioning a Vision.
50 Activities for Team Building
Creating a Team Mission
The mission of ______________________________________________is to:
50 Activities for Team Building
Evaluating a Team Mission
1. Consistency: Is it consistent with the corporate mission?
2. Brevity: Is it brief and to the point?
3. Clarity: Is it easy to understand?
4. Specific: Does it reflect the unique character and flavor of your team?
5. General: Is it broad enough to include some growth and expansion of your products
or services and your customer base?
6. Pride: Are you proud of it? Would you frame it and hang it in your work area? Show
it to your boss? Your customers?

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