New Teams
1. To quickly form new teams with strangers or people who do not
usually work together.
2. To learn factors that help and hinder team problem-solving and
3. To get acquainted with other participants at a conference or
company meeting.
Any group size.
45 to 60 minutes
Large room with movable chairs.
Copies of the following handouts for each person:
Getting to Know You
The Things You Know You Know
Team Process Review
1. As each person arrives, give him or her a card with a name on it
that is part of a pair of names. See Ideas for Pairs handout. Make
sure that people who know each other are not paired.
2. Explain the purpose of the activity. Ask participants to take out
their card and find their partner.
3. Once they find their partner they are to use the Getting to Know
You handout to facilitate their discussion.
4. After 10 to 15 minutes, ask the pairs to find another pair and
introduce their partners to each other.
5. After about 15 minutes, distribute the Things You Know You Know
handout. Explain that the task is to use their team resources to
answer the questions.
6. When they have answered the questions, give each person a
copy of Team Process Review and ask them to complete it.
50 Activities for Team Building
Forming New Teams
7. The teams should use the form as a basis for discussion of factors
that help and hinder team effectiveness.
8. Conclude the session by asking the group for key learning from
the experience. Post the points on a flipchart or transparency. The
facilitator should add points not sufficiently covered.
9. Give people the answers to The Things You Know You Know
1. Change The Things You Know You Know to questions about the
company, industry or a related topic.
2. Change the pairs to states and their capitals.
3. In step 4, ask the pairs to join with two other pairs to form a team
of six people.
4. Make it a competitive exercise with the first team to get all the
correct answers declared the winner. Give the winning team a
5. Change it to a get-acquainted activity by stopping at step 3.
6. Eliminate the Team Process Review.
7. Other get acquainted activities are Activity 2, Yea Team!; Activity
21, Darts; and Activity 44, That’s Me.
50 Activities for Team Building
Ideas for Pairs
1. Romeo and Juliet
2. Abbott and Costello
3. Starsky and Hutch
4. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
5. Peanut Butter and Jelly
6. Joanne Woodward and Paul Newman
7. Cagney and Lacy
8. Bacon and Eggs
9. Dun and Bradstreet
10. Maris and Mantle
11. King and Queen
12. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
13. Laurel and Hardy
14. Rosencranze and Gildenstern
15. Minneapolis and St. Paul
16. Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning
17. Wiley Coyote and Road Runner
18. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck
19. Huntley and Brinkley
20. Rogers and Hart
21. Sonny and Cher
22. Laverne and Shirley
23. Bonnie and Clyde
24. Amos and Andy
25. Simon and Garfunkle
26. Mork and Mindy
27. Anthony and Cleopatra
28. Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn
29. Ozzie and Harriet
30. Felix Unger and Oscar Madison
50 Activities for Team Building
Getting to Know You
The purpose of this meeting is to get to know the other person. Use these questions as
a guide only. Feel free to ask and answer other questions that interest you.
1. Where were you born? Where were you brought up?
2. What is your job? What do you like best about it? What would you change about it?
3. Are you married? Do you have a family?
4. What are your hobbies and outside interests?
5. Where did you go on your last vacation? Where are you going this year?
6. If you could change occupations, what would you do?
7. Other questions (e.g., How do you feel about this meeting? How do you feel about
this exercise?)

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