a Vision
1. To create a future focus for the team.
2. To develop the first step in a strategic planning process.
3. To create a vision statement for the team.
Works effectively with an intact team of 4 to 8 people. For a team
training workshop, a maximum of 15 is recommended.
2 hours
A small classroom with sufficient blank walls to post up to 15 sheets of
flipchart paper.
Easel, flipchart, markers (one for each person), and tape or push pins.
1. Facilitator explains the purpose of a vision as a “statement of a
team’s preferred future as opposed to its predicted future.” A
vision is what you want and hope the team will become. It reflects
your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Visioning is a free-form,
brainstorming process in which you create the future you want.
2. Begin by asking people to relax, even close their eyes, and
consider this scenario (you may wish to play some quiet music):
It is five years from now (the year ____). You are in a
helicopter hovering over _____. What would you like to see?
What would please you? What are we doing? How are we
working? With whom are we working? What does the work
environment look like?
Once you get some images in mind, write them down. Feel
free to draw a picture, a cartoon, a chart or a list.
Take a sheet of flipchart paper, a marker and some pins or
tape. Transcribe your vision to the paper and post it on the
wall. Don’t forget to sign it.
3. When everyone has posted his or her vision, ask the entire team
to walk around and view the “exhibit.” Ask them to look for
common themes, surprises, good ideas, and other things that
should be included in a shared team vision.
50 Activities for Team Building
Visioning a Vision
4. When the group comes together, ask for ideas to be included in a
shared team vision. Post the ideas on a flipchart. Probe for
commitment to the resulting vision statement.
5. Close the session by restating the purpose of a shared vision.
Suggest that the team have the vision statement printed and
distributed to everyone following the session. Suggest further that
the team reconvene within a week to review and commit to the
1. At the end of the session, each person can come up and sign the
vision statement on the flipchart as a gesture, symbolizing
enrollment in the vision.
2. At the end of the session, or at the follow-up session, each person
can indicate what he or she plans to do to make the vision a
3. A possible next activity for this team would be Activity 24, Creating
a Team Mission.

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