I Learned a Lot!
To clarify what participants have personally learned and are willing to share
with the group
To provide an opportunity to review the day’s topics
To summarize thoughts and feelings
To articulate ideas with clarity
Group Size
Up to 20 participants
Estimated Time
This will vary, depending on the size of your group. 2 minutes per participant
is a good average.
Training Methods
Round-robin discussion
One 4" × 6" index card for each person, pre-printed with the text shown below.
Use colored cards (especially the vivid ones) to add a sense of festivity.
I learned that __________________________________
I re-learned that ________________________________
I discovered that _______________________________
I noticed that __________________________________
I was surprised that _____________________________
I am disappointed that ___________________________
I plan to ______________________________________
Equipment and Supplies
Room Set-up
Chairs arranged in a circle
This exercise was adapted from an activity used in Lois Hart’s book Connections. The
exercise is an excellent way to involve all participants and bring a workshop in
which you must cover many topics to a satisfying close.
50 Activities for Developing Leaders
Trainer’s Notes for Activity 12
Step-by-Step Procedure
Step 1: Introduce the activity by saying, “We’ve all had an intense day. As
one way of personally evaluating our time together, let’s share with
one another some of what we have learned. We will do this by
focusing on answers to “sentence stems.”
Step 2: Pass out one pre-printed index card to each person, and explain the
procedure. Say,
“We’ll go around the circle and hear answers to each stem, one at
a time. Each person should respond.
Of course, if a stem does not resonate with you, then feel free to
pass or provide a stem that more clearly expresses what you wish
to share.
Focus on what you have learned about Leadership today.”
Participants must not comment on what others say. As facilitator,
your role should be to thank each person for each contribution.
Don’t elaborate on what they say.
Step 3: Take a minute or two to allow people to express themselves more
informally before adjourning.
I Learned a Lot!

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