You + Me = A Team
To develop teamwork
To allow participants to reveal their uniqueness
To help instill and encourage leadership
Group Size
Enough to make small teams of 5 participants each
Estimated Time
1 hour
Training Methods
Hands-on art project
Equipment and Supplies
Tables for drawing; chairs
Large pieces of paper
8" × 11" paper
Colored markers or crayons
Room Set-up
Put tables together, if necessary, to provide enough space for team drawing.
This activity works well because it allows individuals to reveal a cherished
value or belief symbolically. There will be some resistance to the art portion, but
teams are always pleased with their results.
This activity is appropriate for team-building, particularly if you have newly
formed IDEA teams.
One variation is to send people on a walk to find an object that symbolizes who
they are or in what they believe. Then complete Step 2. Objects that are heavy or
impossible to hang may be placed on a spare table.
50 Activities for Developing Leaders
Trainer’s Notes for Activity 36
Step-by-Step Procedure
Step 1: Introduce the activity by asking participants for an example of a
time when a team they were on worked extremely well. Ask why
they believe it was a high-performance team.
Explain that high-performance teams take time because relation-
ships must be developed so that all the team members will work
better together. Indicate that this next activity will demonstrate
what you mean.
Step 2: Participants will now create a team symbol. Distribute one 8 " × 11"
sheet of paper and a pencil to each person.
Ask participants to think of a symbol that represents who they are
as individuals—something they value highly, or something that
symbolizes an achievement, a special interest, a hobby, or a posses-
sion. Allow time for each person to privately sketch his/her symbol
on paper.
Step 3: Divide participants into groups of 5. Ask each person to share
his/her drawing and explain the meaning of the symbol to their
Each small group is to develop one large team symbol or collage,
incorporating all of the group members’ symbols into the new one.
They will have to think about what the individuals have in common
or develop a theme that applies to everyone.
Ask the groups to label their team symbol with a title or motto and
have each member sign the final drawing.
Step 4: Reassemble into the large group, and ask each team to explain its
symbol. Hang the symbols on the wall nearest to each team’s table.
Discuss the creative ways people expressed their individuality.
Step 5: Ask participants to identify the advantages of doing an activity
such as this one with their own staff or team.
Ask for suggestions on other team-building activities (perhaps
what people have had experience with), and wrap up.
You + Me = A Team

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