Part F: Customer Treatment (Internal and External)
26. A Visit to the Zoo
Activity Description Time Guideline: 45 minutes
This activity promotes team unity and is a great activity to break up more formal studies to reenergize people.
This is an activity suited for a larger group and preferably done outside. It helps to unite internal customers.
Learning Objectives
Participants will be able to:
1. Reenergize a group.
2. Promote teamwork.
3. Demonstrate effective communication in accomplishing a goal.
Method of Instruction
Note: This activity works best in a large, safe area that is blocked off from traffic.
You will need:
Six to eight individuals to act as safety guards around the perimeter
A blindfold for each participant
A group of 15 to 50 participants
Note: This can be done with more participants, but you will require more assistants for safety.
Large outside area or gym-sized room
Tell participants to form a line and have one person at a time come up to you as you whisper a zoo animal’s
name to them. They should not share this with anyone. Also, have an assistant hand them a blindfold. Don’t
put it on just yet.
As each person comes up, assign them one of the following animals:
• Lion • Pig
• Dog • Duck
• Cow Elephant
• Cat
Do this in a rotation order so that an equal dispersal of the animals and the teams will be pretty even. If you
have an exceptionally large group, add a few more animals. For smaller groups, take away a few. You should
have four to six people for each animal assigned.
50 Activities for Achieving Excellent Customer Service
Method of Instruction (continued)
Here’s how it goes:
Participants will be gathered in a large area, sectioned off and protected by assistants to protect anyone
who wonders off from walking into something.
When everyone is inside the area, they will put on their blindfolds.
When you say GO, they should begin to make the sound of the animal they have been assigned loud
enough for others to hear.
The goal is to find all the members of their team who have been assigned the same animal.
When they find someone making the same sound, they should join hands with them and continue
searching until they believe they have found all their members.
Note: Prior to beginning, you may wish to tell the group how many animals of each kind there are so that
they know when the team is complete.
When they have all joined up, ask them to form a circle and jump up and down while making their sound to
let us know they have been successful.
Bring things to a conclusion after most teams have connected. You may lead the stragglers toward their teams
to have everyone end up properly.
This is a fun activity that promotes a lot of teamwork, uses a lot of energy, and has people doing individual
work at first to have their team attain success.
How does this relate to customer service? Open discussion.
Internal customers need to realize the impact they have on each other in getting things done and achieving
Notes, Insights, and Variations
This is a terrific large group activity. Be extra careful to take safety precautions and have the appropriate
number of assistants on the boundaries to protect and offer assistance. It’s good for them to shout “you’re
heading off course” and aim strays in the right direction.
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