Part VII—Editors and Contributors
Part VII provides you with short biographies and contact information for the worldwide group of
editors and contributors to this volume. Some authors contributed a single activity, while others
provided several that are interspersed throughout the book. The Activity Locator on page 303
lists all of the contributions by number so that you can review other activities by the same author.
The professionals are willing to serve as resources for users of this anthology and have provided
mailing and e-mail addresses, as well as phone and fax contacts. Both they and the editors wel-
come feedback on your experiences with the activities. We would like to hear about interesting
variations you have developed and your new ideas about this kind of training.
In addition to speaking directly to the editors and contributors, we invite you to participate in a
user’s forum at http://www.intl-partners.com/50x/, where you will be able to share ideas and
experiences about intercultural work and obtain information about participation in future pub-
lished collections.

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