The Editors
Jonamay Lambert is the founder and president of Lambert and Associates, Inc., a training and
consulting firm that partners with organizations to improve diversity understanding, respect, and
skills. Her conviction, understanding, and enthusiasm in this area have made Lambert Associates
a leader in the diversity training field. She speaks on the topic to domestic as well as interna-
tional audiences and is co-author of the series “Diversity at Work,” a collection of twelve
trainer’s guides and The School Diversity Inventory. Jonamay has lived and studied in Europe
and the Middle East.
Jonamay worked at Baxter HealthCare to design and deliver programs in English as a Second
Language to Mexican and Asian employees, and worked with management to increase cross-
cultural awareness. For Advocate HealthCare, she designed a toolkit of cultural-specific
information for direct patient-care providers, and for TransPerfect Translations, she designed a
cross-cultural awareness curriculum that was used to train cruise line employees about the
cultural differences of international guests.
She was awarded a three-year grant to research and develop a multicultural curriculum for the
Illinois State Board of Education. She has also conducted numerous train-the-trainer programs
for international and domestic organizations.
Together with Selma Myers, she has contributed three activities to this volume:
Mixed Messages
What time is it?
Selma Myers has specialized in Intercultural Training since 1980, speaking at conferences and
teaching at the university level at such institutions as the Beijing Institute of Technology and
Harvard University (courses in American culture). As co-author of three books in the HRD Press
“50 Activities” series and 12 other trainer’s manuals, Selma’s work has been well-accepted
nationally and internationally. She has designed and delivered training in Family Adjustment for
Americans living in the U.K.; lived and worked in Europe, South America, Asia, and the
Ukraine; and worked for numerous international and global concerns:
At Hewlett-Packard, Selma provided pre-departure training for engineers to prepare them
for work in foreign countries, as well as hosting international visitors. She has also trained
executives in cross-cultural communication strategies.
For Northern Telecom in San Diego, Selma worked with foreign-born engineers to help
them adapt to life in the United States; she set up small-group training, as well as one-on-
one sessions as needed.
Sponsored by the Institute of Soft Goods Manufacturers in Kiev, Ukraine, Selma provided
intercultural training sessions in several Ukrainian cities for the members of their
association. This work included train-the-trainer sessions for human resource
She has represented San Diego State University in Europe and Latin America, lecturing,
recruiting, and establishing alumni clubs for its American Language Institute, as well as
negotiating with Japanese companies wishing to send students to study in San Diego.
Together with Jonamay Lambert, she has contributed three activities to this volume:
Mixed Messages
What time is it?
06210MandelieuLaNapoule,France Tel:18314269608
Voicemailandfax:+33153013504 www.diversophy.com
George Simons is the founder and director of George Simons International, a virtual consulting
organization that delivers training and training design for multicultural and global management.
He is the originator of the award-winning DIVERSOPHY
series of intercultural training games,
and originator of the International Partners group of game developers who work virtually around
the world to expand and update the game. The author of numerous books in the field and a
regular contributor to Managing Diversity Newsletter, George is currently authoring a book on
diversity in Europe for Gulf Publications. Fluent in German, French, and Spanish, George has
been involved in the following international activities:
Assisting professionals at Shell International Exploration and Production in The Hague to
create culturally viable virtual global teams;
Working with an international team to implement culture change for Ford U.K. dealerships
Preparing cross-border bankers at Chase Bank in New York to work with international
clients and in overseas environments
Leading cross-cultural training seminars for Norwegian managers of Nycomed in how to
work successfully with Americans
Providing seminars in cross-cultural communication at the Jagellonian University of
Krakow and the University of Warsaw, Poland, and advising faculty there on delivering
intercultural consulting services to business
Providing seminars in cross-cultural training and negotiation for such clients as Colgate
Latin America, Procter and Gamble (Philippines, Germany, USA), Pertamina and Mobil Oil
(Indonesia), The Bank of Montreal, and Apple Europe
He has contributed the following activities to this volume:
In Other Worlds
Arguing Asparagus
The Transcultural Communicator (with Walt Hopkins)
How do you trust? (with Walt Hopkins)

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