Unity is strength. . .when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

—Mattie Stepanek

Collaboration is the key to unlocking a team’s potential. By learning how to work together, you can achieve those mythical results that are more than the sum of the parts. The digital team-building games in this chapter address situations in which two or more teams come together and show how multiple teams can collaborate to create effective and lasting results. Perhaps the most inspiring story is one where 50 people collaborated in just 90 minutes to create an entire case study that might have taken months for an individual to finish—a task that boasted solutions that incorporated experiences from 50 different experts. Now that’s value.

Office Move—Working Together to Switch Places

Time: 20–30 minutes

Participants: 6–12, even numbers

Technology: Google Docs

Category: Collaboration


Increase collaboration between two teams as they attempt to change places by taking turns to move according to a set of rules.

Game Summary

This is a classic team-building event called Traffic Jam that originally came from Karl Rohnke’s Silver Bullets that has been updated to an online environment. This event encourages the collaboration that comes about when two groups work together to solve problems by implementing inclusion and planning. It’s a classic because it brings out team-building issues in a short amount of time for teams that are unaware of the ...

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