EPIC Team Building

Today I went on and searched “ninjas.” The computer told me “Ninjas cannot be found.” Well played, ninjas, well played.

EPIC Digital Team Building Challenges push the envelope of just team building and approach the realm of full-blown productions. They also take a significant amount of time to plan. Some of these initiatives can take from days to months to plan, depending on their scale. The return on this effort is a transformational experience that can serve as the catalyst for changing a team’s actions or culture. They leave a lasting impression—a lifelong memory that enables participants to recognize that a team took the extra effort, from the small details to the overall event to create an amazing learning experience.

There are, of course, countless creative initiatives beyond what is discussed in this book—and you can “EPIC’ize” many of the digital team-building experiences in this book by taking them a step further. For instance, the research division of a software company lent us a new video camera in one of our events; this camera was able to overlay arrows, markers, and messages into a physical environment and then add them to the video itself. So when you view the video, it includes what looks like floating messages inside the video screen. We used this to lead a team from a door through four hallways. We placed a critical piece of information floating in the video camera of augmented reality in a large 10-story ...

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