Activity 15 131
Activity 15
The Promises We Make
In this activity, participants examine literature produced by the organization for mar-
keting and information purposes and articles written about the organization in the
press. After discussing the significance of this information, participants work in
groups to answer questions on a quiz. The purpose of this activity is to increase the
participants’ awareness of the business as a whole and give them greater pride in
the organization, as well as to improve their confidence in behaving as informed
professionals when dealing with customers.
Target Group
All support staff who are new to the organization and those who are new in a cus-
tomer contact role
To improve participants’ knowledge and understanding of the organization’s
marketing and public information literature
To enable participants to understand the organization’s position in the market-
place and its relationship with competitors and other organizations
To ensure that participants appreciate the “knock-on” effect of their personal
approach to customers
To improve participants’ confidence during customer transactions
Number of Participants
4 to 20
60 minutes
A range of the organization’s marketing and information literature and press
articles about the organization
Overhead projector and screen, or flipchart and markers
Transparency 15-1
Sample 15-1
Pen and paper for each participant
132 50 Training Activities for Administrative, Secretarial, and Support Staff
Activity 15 (continued)
Put together a comprehensive package of the organization’s marketing and
public information literature for each participant and keep a spare package
yourself for reference. If there is an Annual Report, include a copy in each
package. Also include any trade/industry journals or recent newspaper articles
relevant to the organization.
If the organization has a Web site, arrange for a computer with Internet access
to be in the training room and/or have printouts of the information from the Web
site and include these in the information packages.
Familiarize yourself with the literature you will be using and produce a quiz,
using Sample 15-1 for ideas.
Make an overhead slide of Transparency 15-1 or write the objectives of the
activity on a flipchart.
1. Display the objectives of the activity, either on a flipchart or using Transparency
15-1, and discuss their importance with the participants. Make sure that the
following points are covered:
We are all ambassadors for the organization, and we must know what the
organization stands for and as much as possible about its products/
We may deal with a certain individual concerning one subject, and other
departments within the organization may deal with this individual concern-
ing other subjects. We must all support each other in our dealings with
If our organization is planning to introduce new products or services and/or
change existing ones, and this is being communicated to the customers, all
staff members need to be aware of this.
Keeping up to date with the organization’s literature/marketing information
is the responsibility of each individual.
In the future, you can all obtain information from [name information
points/sources as relevant to your organization].
2. Organize the participants into groups and distribute the information packages.
3. Allow 15 minutes for everyone to familiarize themselves with the information.
Activity 15 133
Activity 15 (concluded)
4. Lead a discussion covering each piece of information. Include the following, as
Who (which department) produces this information
How often it is updated
To whom the information is distributed and how/where it is available
Whether or not competitors/similar organizations produce similar literature
and what differentiates this organization
The significance of any trade/industry journal articles
The accuracy and significance of any newspaper articles
5. Give each participant a copy of the quiz you have created (similar to Sample
15-1). Allocate specific questions in the quiz for each group to answer.
6. Allow between 10 and 20 minutes for the groups to find the answers to the
questions allocated to them.
7. Reconvene the whole group and invite the spokesperson from each group to
give their answers in turn. Elaborate on their answers and/or correct them as
8. Ask if anyone has further questions.
9. Thank everyone for attending and close the activity.

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