Activity 18 155
Activity 18
Beyond the Call of Duty
This activity involves the trainer offering input on different levels of customer
service, followed by a group discussion and then a game of darts between teams.
Target Group
All support staff—especially those who need assistance in thinking beyond the
guidelines that they are given
To analyze the different levels of customer service that could be provided
To help participants find ways in which they can go “above and beyond the call
of duty” without incurring additional costs or requiring additional resources
Number of Participants
4 to 8
60 minutes
Dartboard and dart set (for safety reasons, we suggest using a children’s dart-
board and dart set with Velcro-tipped darts)
Flipchart and colored markers in red, blue, green, gold (or yellow)
Handout 18-1
A pack of 3" x 5" index cards
A prize for the winning team, preferably something that can be shared, such as
a box of chocolates
Make a copy of Handout 18-1 for each participant.
156 50 Training Activities for Administrative, Secretarial, and Support Staff
Activity 18 (continued)
1. Start the activity by asking the participants what they consider to be important
elements of customer service. Write their thoughts on the flipchart as they are
Encourage the participants to give you more ideas by prompting them to
remember some of their experiences as a customer and asking them how they
would have liked to handle these situations. You might like to use the sug-
gested prompts in Notes for the Trainer on page 158.
2. Now discuss how levels of service are constantly changing and improving. Illus-
trate this either by using the example in Notes for the Trainer on page 159 or a
similar one of your own.
3. Emphasize how our own expectations of service continue to rise, as do those of
our customers. It is no longer good enough to provide merely adequate service.
4. Say: “Let’s look back at our own experiences and categorize the points on the
flipchart into levels of service.” Use the following levels:
Unacceptable: red
Adequate: blue
Good: green
Exceptional: gold (or yellow)
5. Talk through the suggestions on the flipchart, derived from the initial discussion.
Underline (or highlight) each one with the color that corresponds to the level of
service the participants feel is demonstrated.
6. Distribute a copy of Handout 18-1 to each participant and explain that this is an
example showing them what they will be asked to do next, in two teams and
two stages.
Stage One
Each team takes a piece of flipchart paper and turns it so that it is horizontal
(landscape). They then write the headings:
Problem Acceptable Service Good Service Exceptional Service
Next they discuss and define five fairly common “problem” situations at work
and write these clearly in the Problem column.
One team should number their problems 1 to 5. The other team should number
their problems 6 to 10.

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