Reproduced from 50 Training Activities for Administrative, Secretarial
and Support Staff by Elizabeth Sansom and Christine Newton, HRD Press
Answer Key 27-4
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Answer Key to Worksheet 27-4
Match the words from column 3 to the definitions in column 2 and write them in column
1, next to the correct definition.
Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
stationary not moving conscience
tort civil wrong conscious
treatise learned essay principal
rite actions in ceremonies principle
taut fully stretched presence
presence air, aura, bearing presents
tracked followed clues right
wright skilled worker rite
conscience a sense of right or wrong wright
wrote past tense of “to write” write
whether introduces an alternative stationary
principal head, chief, boss; most important stationery
tract stretch of land; piece of writing taught
right correct; opposite to left taut
conscious in a normal waking state tort
stationery writing paper tracked
taught past tense of “to teach” tract
principle moral rule; general law treaties
rote a way of learning “parrot-fashion” treatise
presents gifts weather
write put symbols on paper whether
weather atmospheric conditions wrote
treaties pacts, alliances rote

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