List of Abbreviations

3GPP third-generation partnership project

5G-AN 5G access network

5GC 5G core

5G-EIR 5G-equipment identity register

5G-GUTI 5G globally unique temporary identifier

5GS 5G system

5G-S-TMSI 5G-S-temporary mobile subscription identifier

5QI 5G QoS identifier

AA antenna array

AAA authorization, authentication, and accounting

AAS active antenna system

ABS almost blank subframe

AC access class

ACIR adjacent channel interference ratio

ACK acknowledgement

ACLR adjacent channel leakage ratio

ACS adjacent channel selectivity

A-CSI aperiodic-CSI

ADC analog to digital converter

AF application function

AKA authentication and key agreement

AM acknowledged mode

AMBR aggregate maximum bit rate

AMC adaptive modulation and coding


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