Table 2.3

Functional split between access stratum and non-access stratum in RRC_IDLE and RRC_INACTIVE states [12].
RRC_IDLE and RRC_INACTIVE State ProcedureUE Non-access StratumUE Access Stratum
PLMN selection

• Maintain a prioritized list of PLMNs

• Select a PLMN using automatic or manual mode

• Request AS to select a cell belonging to this PLMN. For each PLMN, associated RAT(s) may be set

• Evaluate reports of available PLMNs from AS for PLMN selection

• Maintain a list of equivalent PLMN identities

• Search for available PLMNs, if the associated RAT(s) are set for the PLMN, search among those RAT(s)

• Perform measurements to support PLMN selection

• Synchronize to a broadcast channel to identify PLMNs

• Report available PLMNs with ...

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