105G Performance

Harri Holma1, Suresh Kalyanasundaram2, and Venkat Venkatesan3

1Nokia, Finland

2Nokia, India

3Nokia Bell Labs, United States of America

10.1 Introduction

This chapter considers 5G technology from the performance point of view by illustrating 5G network capabilities to the operators and to the end users in terms of data rates, capacity, coverage, energy efficiency, connectivity, and latency. 5G networks need to fulfill a number of new performance targets since they target diverse use cases that can be categorized into three different areas:

  • Extreme mobile broadband for high data rates and capacity for smartphones, tablets, and laptops. That is the traditional use case of mobile broadband networks.
  • Massive Internet of Things (IoT) communication for tens of billions of connected devices like sensors and control units. This use case requires low-cost devices with low power consumption and high connectivity capacity.
  • Critical communication for remote controlling of machines or even cars. This use case requires extreme reliability and low latency.

Table 10.1 End user performance targets.

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